DIY Lorax Costume

DIY Lorax Costume

Our family went with a Dr. Seuss theme for Halloween this year. My husband’s pick was the Lorax and my job was to come up with a DIY costume for him. I had come across a picture that linked to a blog of  a great and easy idea. The blog didn’t have a tutorial, but I figured I could recreate it and share how I did it here. The project is super simple and only requires a few items.

Items needed:

Foam sheet in yellow

Yellow or orange sunglasses

Glue gun with clear glue stick


Paper and Pencil.  

Step 1: On a piece of paper I did a rough draft of how large I was going to make his mustache and eyebrows. There is a  hole made from the top of the mustache and the nose piece from the sunglasses. The only tricky part  was making sure my husband’s nose fit in the hole and  the mustache wasn’t too high and bothering him.Image

Step 2: Once I had the perfect size on paper, I traced it on the yellow foam sheet and cut it out. Image

Step 3:  I got lucky and found cheap $6 yellow sunglasses at our party store. In this step, carefully pop out the lenses of the sunglasses. Now you are ready to glue on the foam mustache and eyebrows. The nice thing about working with a glue gun is if your placement is off by a little you can wait until it dries peel it off and re-glue it.Image

AND DONE! Hope your Lorax inspired sunglasses turn out great! We got a lot of attention at the Halloween fair with this costume 🙂  Image


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  3. This is awesome! Thank you so much for helping! This really helped my kid for a last minute Book Day character costume!

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  6. I made this yesterday for our 1st grader who needed a Dr Seuss costume! He was so excited and got lots of compliments. Thanks for the idea!!!

  7. Really needed a last minute idea for my 11-year old son, and all I could think of at 11:30pm the night before, was Cat in The Hat…but we didn’t even have a hat! I saw the Lorax, and thought “perfect!”. I looked around until I found an unused pair of 3D movie theater glasses, popped the glass out of them, and spray painted them white. Cut out the mustache and eyebrows and then waited over night to tape them onto the frames of the glasses before school. One last thing I made in Word was a “Hi I’m…Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax” name tag and pinned it to my son’s orange shirt. Perfect costume. Thanks for helping up with Fictional Character Spirit Day at our elementary school! 🙂

  8. I am currently frantically looking for a storybook character costume for work tomorrow and then I see your face! How awesome, love the Lorax costume! Super simple, I can make it in class before my students arrive 😁

  9. Thank you for your detailed instructions! Our son wanted to dress up as the Lorax for “dress up as your favorite Dr. Seuss character” for school. It was a hit!

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