Being a mother is something that I have always dreamed of since an early age. My mom will vouch that I  was naming my imaginary children and had their lives planned out before I even knew what was going to be. In my mind I knew I was going to be MOM first and foremost……I also had being cast in MTV’s Real World set as a long term goal as a 4th grader, but that goal was quickly set out to sea.  Anyhow, in late spring of 2011 I became a first time mom to our very sassy Blondie. Since then I spent many hours trying to figure out how in the world I , a person with VERY ethnic features, had a daughter with blonde hair. Surely I would look like the nanny at the local park and yes I have been approached on different occasions with inquiries on my employment as a part-time nanny. Sad I know haha. So moving on… We had our second daughter in the Winter of 2013. She is DEFINITELY my daughter . It’s so funny how genetics works. Now on family outings we get countless comments on having “his and hers” daughters. Regardless, our family is complete and we couldn’t be happier.

How this blog came to be: I have always been an artsy/creative person and now that my Little is old enough to help out and enjoy crafting I have taken it to a new level. I am an obsessive ‘Pinner’ and love trying out new ideas and tutorials from the Pinterest site. Since this a DIY/ Day-In-The-Life blog, readers will also get to see some our outings to Disneyland and get a peek at our Semi-crunchy Babywearing AP lifestlye. That is what I’m calling it anyhow and since this my blog I get to name things whatever I want haha.

So what is with the Semi- Crunch thing? WELL….If you adopt a certain parenting style and use social media, like CafeMom or Facebook, you find that there are different parenting circles. The niche we seem to fit into kind of roll together and have similar parenting methods/styles. We don’t fit into the Crunchy parenting completely so I have deemed us Semi-Crunch.  What is a Crunchy Mom? Per: The urban dictionary “Mother who supports homebirth, breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, gentle discipline, etc. One who questions established medical authority; tends to be vegetarian and/or prepare all-organic foods. See crunchy and hippie. ” So there you have it. Crunchy and Granola are usually interchangeable.

For Reference our family is  pro: Cloth diapers, Breastfeeding, Babywearing, Co-Sleeping, Non-Cry-it-out, Gentle Discipline, Extended rear-facing, Delayed/Selective Vaccines, mostly Organic meat eaters.   Both of our girls were born in a hospital setting, but Littlest was delivered via Mid-wife (<3 her always)  in a hospital.


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