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DIY Lorax Costume

DIY Lorax Costume

Our family went with a Dr. Seuss theme for Halloween this year. My husband’s pick was the Lorax and my job was to come up with a DIY costume for him. I had come across a picture that linked to a blog of  a great and easy idea. The blog didn’t have a tutorial, but I figured I could recreate it and share how I did it here. The project is super simple and only requires a few items.

Items needed:

Foam sheet in yellow

Yellow or orange sunglasses

Glue gun with clear glue stick


Paper and Pencil.  

Step 1: On a piece of paper I did a rough draft of how large I was going to make his mustache and eyebrows. There is a  hole made from the top of the mustache and the nose piece from the sunglasses. The only tricky part  was making sure my husband’s nose fit in the hole and  the mustache wasn’t too high and bothering him.Image

Step 2: Once I had the perfect size on paper, I traced it on the yellow foam sheet and cut it out. Image

Step 3:  I got lucky and found cheap $6 yellow sunglasses at our party store. In this step, carefully pop out the lenses of the sunglasses. Now you are ready to glue on the foam mustache and eyebrows. The nice thing about working with a glue gun is if your placement is off by a little you can wait until it dries peel it off and re-glue it.Image

AND DONE! Hope your Lorax inspired sunglasses turn out great! We got a lot of attention at the Halloween fair with this costume 🙂  Image





We have a blog! I know this is supposed to be THE POST I look back on in exactly 1 year and ogle over how much we have grown as a blog and how much I’ve learned, so I better make this somewhat good…..Right? Okay so all good things begin with an Ice breaker….So here goes nothing. *Ahem* Me: Stay-at-home mom of 2, obsessive photo taker, obsessive Pinner and DIY’er (on Pinterest, incase you are out of the loop), Disneyland pass holder, semi-crunchy babywearer attachment parent. You: Adoring audience who will find everything I post to be entertaining enough that you return time and time again 😉 Just kidding, but I do hope you love this blog…….and return time and time again!

Well, now that I have summed myself up in one long run-on sentence let’s get to know each other! A lot of what you see here will be pins recreated (or attempted, let’s not kid ourselves) and crafty creations that I do with my Littles. It will also include our day to day  fun trips and give you (*the ADORING audience*) a behind the scenes of our semi-crunchy lifestyle.

Are you still here? Good! Ok let the fun begin 🙂 Allow me catch you up on Fall in our household and figure out how to use this blog 😉