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We have a blog! I know this is supposed to be THE POST I look back on in exactly 1 year and ogle over how much we have grown as a blog and how much I’ve learned, so I better make this somewhat good…..Right? Okay so all good things begin with an Ice breaker….So here goes nothing. *Ahem* Me: Stay-at-home mom of 2, obsessive photo taker, obsessive Pinner and DIY’er (on Pinterest, incase you are out of the loop), Disneyland pass holder, semi-crunchy babywearer attachment parent. You: Adoring audience who will find everything I post to be entertaining enough that you return time and time again 😉 Just kidding, but I do hope you love this blog…….and return time and time again!

Well, now that I have summed myself up in one long run-on sentence let’s get to know each other! A lot of what you see here will be pins recreated (or attempted, let’s not kid ourselves) and crafty creations that I do with my Littles. It will also include our day to day  fun trips and give you (*the ADORING audience*) a behind the scenes of our semi-crunchy lifestyle.

Are you still here? Good! Ok let the fun begin 🙂 Allow me catch you up on Fall in our household and figure out how to use this blog 😉