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6 Simple Halloween Activities for Toddlers

6 Simple Halloween Activities for Toddlers

Here are 6 easy Halloween related toddler activities we have done this month.

1. Pumpkin decorating with stickers: Our 2 year old is in love with Toy Story these days and we have mountains of stickers in our collection. This was a quick, fun, and CLEAN activity we did together while Littlest Curls was taking an afternoon nap. Peeling and placing the smaller stickers is great for developing fine motor skills. She had fun and was very proud of the Toy Story Pumpkin she decorated herself.

2. Ghost Feet: I have to admit that I have an obsession with baby feet. For that reason, we have been doing hand and foot prints with the girls on every occasion I can think of (holidays, 3 months 6 months 9 months 1 year, Father’s and Mother’s day, etc). This is a fun way to gauge growth too. I’m also obsessed with comparing footprints haha, feel free to judge at anytime ;).  Here is *my super secret simple trick for getting almost perfect prints each time* ……… Paint your kiddos’ hand/foot with the paint using a sponge brush or large paint brush. I used to just pour the paint on a plate and dip my kid’s hand/foot in it and go straight to the paper. This method is a no no because the paint will be uneven in some areas and you won’t get a clean print. Having a non-squirmy kiddo that is willing to have their body painted is always a plus too.


3. Spider handprint Art: This is fun to add on the wall next to your painted ghost footprints. They are fairly easy to create because it’s all about hand placement. In our project, I put the girls’ hands closer to the corner of the sheet of paper so that I could add a spider web with crayon after the paint dried. If you are feeling more artsy feel free to paint a spider web as a background. You could also make more than one spider on the page if you wanted. Maybe one on a web and one hanging from a string? Get creative with white yarn too!

IMG_6134 IMG_6137

4. Pumpkin ‘Fist’ Patch: If you aren’t sick of paint yet 😉  Give this one a shot! This turns out pretty neat if you have toddler that is willing to make a fist (and keep a fist) to stamp in paint. You just pour paint on a plate and use their hand as stamp. I didn’t use my *super secret* paint on the hand method with this one. We also made pumpkin stems and grass with finger prints. Name it “Your name here’s Pumpkin Patch” and call it art!


5. Scrap Fabric Spider: I am a fabric hoarder by nature so this was an easy one for us to whip up quickly. To start I had Blondie pick the color construction paper she wanted and then I drew a large circle on it. The circle with be where the child glues down pieces of fabric to make up the body (or cephalothorax and abdomen) of the spider. For the gluing I smudged it around in sections and she placed the fabric in the glue spots.  Next, I cut thin strips of another pattern fabric to make up the legs. Did you know spiders have 8 legs and insects have 6? See and you thought you weren’t going to learn anything by reading blogs all day 😉 Once the legs are on, various eyes can be added. I let her choose the buttons and the number of eyes she wanted her spider to have. Have fun with this one!


6. Cotton Ball Ghost: This is a lot like the fabric spider except the material used is cotton balls. You can get creative with these and use white tissue paper, torn up coffee filters, or anything laying around your house that is white and will stay glued down. Just a simple ghost shape is drawn on the colored paper of choice and glue in sections for your kiddo to place their cotton ball. Add a spooky, happy, or silly face and you have instant ghost decor!